Baseus H1i Wireless Headphone ANC Noise Cancelling

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Color: Black

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1.Dual Hi-Res Certified,LHDC Audio Decoding
2.Baseus 3D Immersive Spatial Acoustics
3.Bio-Technology Diaphragm
4.-38dB Active Noise Cancellation
5.Baseus Smart Connect allows you to switch between devices for music, videos, calls, and more.
6.Large capacity battery, 100 hours of battery life.
7.Bluetooth 5.3,0.038" low latency
8.Support Wireless/Wired dual connection
9.Support App Adjustment


Model No.: Baseus Bowie H1i
Material: ABS+PC+metal
Wireless version: V5.3
Communication distance: 10m
Music playing time: 100 hours (volume at 70%, noise reduction off)
70 hours (volume at 70%, noise reduction on)
Battery capacity: 600mAh/2.22Wh
Rated input: DC5V⎓600mA
Rated consumption current: 8mA
Fully charging time: About 2 hours
Frequency response range: 20Hz to 20kHz
Charge interface: Type-C
Application scope: Playback devices with wireless functions

Color: Black

Why we think it's cool?

It's cool because it makes your audio experience extraordinary while keeping you in control. Elevate your music and stay in your groove with Baseus Bowie H1i.

Baseus Bowie H1i: Your Ticket to a Noise-Canceling, Groove-Making Extravaganza!